Lexst Database Cluster 1.1

No Image nodes, playing dirfferent roles in the cluster. Table data stores in data nodes, users can expand the cluster by adding more and more data nodes. Replication Lexst Database Cluster uses asynchronous replication, node would duplicate the data automatically in "suitable time". Scalability The cluster can expand to 20,000 nodes. Horizontal Partitioning partitions table across nodes by user`s scheme Fault Tolerance With standby nodes watching. High availability

Flexible TreeView 3.1: Flexible and fastest TreeView-ListView-Grid .NET control with unique features
Flexible TreeView 3.1

node. * Unique node soft selection mode - allows to view additional node`s content when mouse hovers over the node which appreciably speeds up data viewing. * In-place editing. * HTML text support. * Text auto-wrapping. * Data binding. * Custom controls hosting. * Load on demand. * Multiple node selection. * Advanced drag & drop support even between many treeviews or other controls. * Summaries. * Wrap content to many levels. * Possibility to display

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InSight Diagrammer 2006.2

node shapes and images and organize them into thematic shape libraries. Each diagram node can contain an image and formatted text. Inplace editing allows formatting the text using various styles such as italic, bold, underline, etc. The colors of node`s interior, border lines and text can be set as desired. Further, visualization effect such as semi-transparency and gradients can be applied to nodes. Diagram links can be customized too. Number of

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LANsurveyor 10.0

nodes. Once network nodes are discovered, LANsurveyor compiles the information into a cohesive, easy-to-view network map with node icons and colored lines representing network connectivity speed. LANsurveyor collects and stores information about your critical systems in a database, providing a source of topology and asset information. LANsurveyor automatically maintains this data, providing a constantly-accurate representation of the network for

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Treeview - JavaScript Tree Menu 4.3: Treeview, Free JavaScript Tree Menu with visual builder tool. IE,NN,Opera,etc.
Treeview - JavaScript Tree Menu 4.3

A compact, fast, reusable script that lets you enhance your site with an outliner that looks and feels exactly like Windows Explorer. Download the JavaScript/DHTML applet for free and configure it with the online visual builder. Features: - Cross-browser compatible - Unlimited nodes and levels - Visual configuration - Does not require Java or cookies - Runs entirely on the client-side - Hooks available for server-side dynamic data

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DiagramLite 2.2: A Silverlight control for drawing workflow, network and organizational diagrams.
DiagramLite 2.2

node shapes and allows custom-designed ones. The library includes several additional components that help you build diagramming UIs. The Overview control provides scaled down view of the diagram that lets the user see the whole diagram and navigate to a different location. The Ruler control can be used to measure and align nodes. The NodeListView control can be used to create palettes of objects that are cloned when the user drags them onto the diagram

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The Simple Hydraulic Calculator 1.4.8: Powerful hydraulic calculation software for automatic fire sprinkler systems
The Simple Hydraulic Calculator 1.4.8

node names up to 8 alphanumeric characters long. TSHC`s calculation results window allows you to quickly evaluate your design. All relevant system, pipe, and node data is shown. Also, data may be sorted by clicking on the column heading. For example, clicking the heading `Pf` in the pipe section sorts all pipe from lowest total friction loss to highest. Best of all, the calculation results window can stay open and visible while you make changes in

design, calc, sprinkler, nfpa, fire, hydraulic

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